Paranoia Just Blows Through Here – an update

Read an interesting idea, not one that I subscribe to just yet, but interesting none the less. The idea was that there is a second level game being played behind the massive push by the Ontario government to cover prime farmland and retirement locations with enormous wind turbines. And the government denies that there is any health or property value impacts from these industrial developments being forced into formerly peaceful communities. The idea is that people will be driven from their homes and property values will drop — that will make huge swatches of some very good property available at bargain basement prices. Large estates could be assembled for much less… Then the turbines could be turned off and sold for scrap. Its not like there was any real use for the power anyway. They will have served their purpose. And the huge blocks of concrete can just be treated as yet another glacial accidental…

Like I say, an interesting thought — along the lines of the gaseous thought of some months back. i.e. wind really provided justification for a huge switch to burning gas to make power as opposed to green hydro (which Ontario has lots of) or nuclear (which Ontario also has lots of).

One further thought that occured since I first wrote this is that Ontario might be in the process of privatizing the power system completely. Nuclear plants are the backbone of current Ontario power — but are always a political thorn, so however cost-effective they may be there is little political will for expanding them. Hydroelectric is another historic mainstay but with equally large capital costs and the reality of dropping Great Lakes water levels their future is not secure. But wind, gas and solar are much smaller propositions — and if high prices squeezes out demand (and continued loss of industry to friendlier locations) then it might just seem feasible. And then the Ontario electricity market would be turned back on and the trading firms would have new opportunities to make money at public expense. (Think California electricity costs and supplies under Enron.)  As far as I know, none of these projects replacing public power monopolies with market-driven private systems has reduced costs to the public. Costs of entry are still too high to do anything other than create yet another oligopoly (think Canadian telecom….).  I suspect the backroom incentives are substantial, probably why widespread protests and even the Ontario Auditor reviews are just being ignored.

Problem is that when I hear politicians babble on about how all this forced wind development (classic 19th century colonial exploitation, with the full force of law sweeping both objecting residents and inconvenient laws aside) is for the good of all Ontarians… makes me wonder which golfing buddy they mean? I don’t see how soaring power costs, property taxes and ruined landscapes is in anyone’s best interests. But I still keep trying to see what the reasons are… doing it because its green and just the right thing to do just doesn’t cut it. So one must look to the paranoid set for possible reasons for this destructive policy. So far, paranoia seems to be the most rational. A pity, really… how supposedly smart people could do such destructive things.


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