The Truth

Now that the US presidential election is passed, perhaps the Canadian press will catch its breath and go back to reporting, at least occasionally, the events of this side of the border. But somehow, I doubt it. As one author commented a few days ago, true Canadian style is to do everything behind closed doors, quietly, and only announce the results afterwards, if at all. The US does much of its business in the full glare of publicity. Which is better, I really don;’t know. The problem is at least two-fold — knowing about decisions and events, such as the press regails us with, and being able to provide any democratic input into the process, one way or another. Problem is, as was so eloquently put in ‘Head Office’ some years ago, is that there are no truths about, only stories. And we can pick the pundits we like to provide supportive perspectives on pretty much any issue we like. And if we are masochistically inclined we can also review the views of others less inclined. But somehow, I doubt that any of these delusional frameworks that we hold onto bring us anywhere tangent to the real truth. Not something we might really want to know, I suspect. And certainly nothing that the pundits of any stripe would profit from helping us know.
Here we have the Middle East preparing for another Israel vs everyone else war, articles about the drug regulators in Canada fostering the sale of demonstrably harmful drugs, medical ‘best practices’ that are designed to optimize the health of the system rather than the patient, and the never-ending story of austerity vs deficits — real or imagined. Pretty much everyone seems to be on the take at one level or another or pushing stories that gloss over the real truth in favor of the ‘good’ truth. As one news agency after another erects ‘paywalls’ and shuts down the free distribution of news the real response seems to be to just stop reading. When I look into the back yard and down towards the lake the view seems very pleasant and peaceful. Nice to know what is going on elsewhere, I suppose, but if it only upsets me, why bother? Like company news and financial information — once the degree to which the market is manipulated for the benefit of the few and one sees the paradoxical flow of daily trading, a sense of despair sets in. Our leaders are in the pockets of big money. They are just playing at running a democracy while looting the public purse and diverting it into private hands. By the time the ‘truth’ of anything gets exposed we shall all be long dead and forgotten. So in the end, the only truth that matters is the one that directly affects us and that we observe with our own eyes — how do I solder that frog in place so my model trains will not derail or will the red lettuce stand the freezing until my knee heals up enough to enable me to haul the cold frame into place. Beyond these immediate realities I no longer think that anything really matters — it is all just stories anyhow.


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