Medical Mysteries

One of the things I am least fond of hearing when visiting the doctor is the comment that my ‘x’ varies from the standard and the only way to bring it within the bounds is with medication — diet and exercise will have no effect. This has always irritated me — somehow it seems like the medical industry exists to transfer money from my pocket to the drug companies and the side-effects I experience are just unfortunate collateral damage.  (Oh, I have been sitting in the doctors office when those cute things they send out from the drug companies come calling — they never need an appointment and just brush past everyone…) Where does this ‘standard’ come from and why should I suffer to hammer my body into compliance? Well, recently I read a study done over the last few years where a large cohort of men aged 30 to 70 were evaluated for ‘good heart health’ — and much to everyones’ surprise, only 1% or so fell within the ‘standard’.  Some of the medical folks I know get very upset when I ask these little questions, seems calling something a ‘standard’ makes it beyond reproach and question — no matter how unrealistic  it may be.  And to my simple mind, if analysis of a representative group finds a norm different from the ‘standard’ then its the ‘standard’ that is wrong, not everyone else. Lets face it, I do not have the body of a 20 year old Olympic gymnast (and never did) and nothing I can do will ever transform me into one — although, at age 64 I can still put my hands flat on the floor by bending forward. So I don’t see why it should be ok, even desirable, to badger me to take expensive medications to force my body to pretend like it was 20 again.  Much easier, cheaper and probably healthier to just act my age and not poison myself unnecessarily. [Undoubtedly heresy…]

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