Consumption Conspiracies

It struck me this morning while reading about the even more invasive airport screening (to make us safe, you know) following an article about the new tougher child seat rules (not only does everyone have to buy seats meeting the new rules but they are going to institute RIDE stops to check if you have an ‘approved’ seat that has been properly installed) that the common thread of all these initiatives is that the solution to our problems is to buy stuff. So the car seat(s) that you have must be discarded and replaced with other car seats that sport the new and improved… And we have this airline security problem so governments and airports must buy these inspection services and xray strip search machines. And the folks at Hopeless Insecurity just happen to know some guys that are working on devices that will… And after everyone is upset about the groping, strip searches and (probably) video proctoscoping… the answer to the question about easing back is of course no — after all, it will cut back on someones’ profit margin and we did sign long term contracts… One wonders how many problems that the media (or at least politicians and special interests) have their shorts in a twist over have a solution that is ‘buy this’? Would we not be better off to spend the money on better driver training and traffic enforcement (or roads)? Is there any possibility that we could spend money on improving our infrastructure or schools? Instead we are pummelled into buying stuff because of the 205 commie infiltrators in this secret report are trying to get us… What if we just said NO?

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