American Banana Republic(ans?)

Our Banana Republic –
An interesting point — and one wonders how Canada fits in this same landscape of inequality? If the folks in power are working hard to make the country ever more unequal by dismantling social safety nets — and those affected, who in reality have no power but get to pay for it all, then where does it all lead? Short term profits have been gained by shipping jobs offshore. Still more by discouraging practical energy solutions in favor of burning and drilling more. But this only works as long as the masses have money to be exploited. But there is a growing mass of people who are unemployed for reasons other than their own. They did the right things and were productive members — but no more. In the US the Republicans played on their anxiety with false messages of government greed to expand their power. But that is a ploy with only short term possibilities. Over the longer term these folks must either improve the situation or  invent some new distractions — maybe we will invade the Bronx? The growth of inequality, as suggested by this column, fosters a buildup of social dispair. How long can we go down this road before the buildup of social discontent triggers another revolution?


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