Demise of Governments as a Force

Defense Tech | The future of the Military, Law Enforcement and National Security
An interesting thought and the subject of much speculative science fiction — what will the world look like as corporations gain more power, deploy their own military contractors and continue to influence policy to their benefit and the detriment of society. And look around at the world we live in – Canada has the CRTC that ‘regulates’ communications and rotates executives from the major telcos. No one seems surprised that they continue to legislate regressive legislation that enhances profits and drags Canada further behind other countries. Or the government which has successfully sold off one national asset after another. Or in the US where Food inspection has come to mean paperwork check and the same cost cutting concepts are being moved into aviation. We are seeing the end of a show trial in Gitmo where a child soldier was convicted of terrorism and being an unlawful combatant by the folks who employed and continue to employ civilian security contractors who apparently can kill civilians, friendlies and each other with no meaningful repercussions. And with the Republican victories in the US there is no stopping the soaring deficits and dismantling of protective regulations while adjusting the tax policies to be even more favorable to the rich. At least decisions will be made on the metric of profit to the few — at the expense of the many. But whenever we think of cost cutting by outsourcing we walk further down this road. One wonders if Rome was following the same road?

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