In Climate Denial

Editorial – In Climate Denial, Again –

Well, here we are again. The US right are consolidating around the view that climate change is a fraud — one would wonder if it has anything to do with the extensive oil industry funding they receive? Just as in Canada our climate change denier PM can continue to push for exploiting the oil sands — and all the environmental wreckage THAT is leaving behind. Guess the old rule of ‘follow the money’ still applies to understanding human affairs as it has for thousands of years.

So the folks who are making serious short term money are advocating not investing in a future without their products — to some sense this is understandable. Just as we have seen a big push to burn food in the form of ethanol — a multiple bonus for waste as it consumes crops that could go for feeding people and animals, wastes resources fermenting and distilling into alcohol, then in vehicles the overall fuel consumption is much higher so we use even more gasoline than we would have without the ethanol. Lets sacrifice our future to keep those short term profits rolling…yeah!

Personally, I think all these natural hydrocarbons are far more valuable as chemical feedstocks instead of burning them. With some work we might even work out how to recycle the vast amounts of plastic waste floating in our lakes and oceans. But that seems unlikely anytime soon. Conceptually its probably in the same intellectual class as recycling nuclear wastes — one of the demons that has kept a state of paralysis on developing the only clean and reliable power source we know how to do.

Meantime, the short term money will keep raking it in and we will continue to turn a blind eye to the future of our children and their children. Bet we will find that amidst all the denial some of them are quietly buying up land in the arctic circle — that becomes more valuable the worse climate change becomes. And as long as we take the word of the folks who will profit from our choices over thinking the matter through on our own, we continue to place our future welfare in their hands. Hope there will be something left over for us.

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