I am curious if our leaders here in the frozen North even look at what the outside world has learned to adjust and direct their policies.  From the latest announcements I rather doubt it. Seems once these guys get an idea wedged in their heads they just don’t want to be confused by facts.

Case in point — Ontario is still driving ahead with deploying alternate energy to displace both the coal-fired plants (which provide only a small percentage of our power) and nuclear (responsible for 40% of the power). This is supposedly going to make Ontario prosperous again and provide lots of employment. Prosperity for who I guess is the question and employment for people in what country is the other. The Wolfe Island wind plant I think ended up creating about 5 jobs, the installation crews and equipment all came from elsewhere.  The new deal with Samsung will make a lot of Koreans happy I am sure. But Ontarians I am not so sure. The Spanish experience was that they found 2.2 conventional jobs were lost for every ‘green’ job created. And those jobs vanished once the (generous) subsidies were cut.

Then there is the whole idea of deploying wind and solar to displace greenhouse gasses. The Germans found that after 20 years their eco program had saved nothing — just raised the price of power even more.

So I guess the problem comes down to what are we trying to accomplish? If it is cutting back on greenhouse gasses then deploying wind and solar, despite the industry propaganda, does nothing. If it is providing jobs for our citizens then raising electricity prices — which drives out industry, is not the solution. Although I am sure the folks in Quebec will be delighted, some companies have already started to move.

Now I agree that energy conservation is important — Canadians tend to waste more than pretty much anyone else, even the folks just south of us. Personally I would rather see more money go into health care and social services than energy. Individually or as a nation we are not getting any younger — that will cost in the long run. But this policy of high cost and low yield is just a fancy way of wasting the publics’ money. Pity, the folks who make these decisions get nice fat pensions — they should have to suffer with the rest of us. Stupidity does hurt, but it tends to hurt the wrong people.

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