Refeudalization of America

One thought that troubles me in watching how both the US and Canadian governments are developing is that somehow we appear to be sliding backwards. The gap between rich and poor is growing, social services are being dismantled, the transportation network is being dismantled or made so user-hostile that eventually no one (who does not have a private plane) will want to fly anywhere. Our freedoms are being taken away in so we can be safe and the jobs that kept both countries healthy and strong have been shipped abroad. In the name of ‘cost savings’ local governments are being amalgamated with the result that it is more costly to run local services and the population looses control of their local government. The same things happen with ‘outsourcing’ — the service is passed to an unaccountable 3rd party who adds a profit to the prior costs — so costs go up while our control goes down. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me it looks as though our ‘leaders’ are trying to bring back the middle ages and we are becoming the new serfs. Not a nice future to contemplate — where are the alien invaders from the stars?


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