Rural Internet

Living away from the big urban areas has many virtues and rewards. But internet services are not among them. This is particularly true with streaming video, that every news service in the world seems to have embraced. Previously, if one wanted to watch video media, there would be a delay while the media file downloaded before it played. But other than the delay the results would be quite good. But with streaming video, the material is fetched from the internet and rendered immediately — so the continuity of play closely reflects the quality of the connection. Out here in the boonies this means ‘Th’…..’is ‘……’is a specia’….’l announcement of ‘……’major’………………….’import’….’ance.’ And so on. And since it is a live stream there is no way to buffer it locally to enhance the continuity. A pity. While I am sure that from the developers perspective, anyone without a local fibre connection is just too backwards to be noticed. Out here in the generally peaceful countryside we have different opinions.

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