Bill C-10 and Taxpayer Say Senator caught saying Verner hates Bill C-10

Its nice to hear that folks in the government have mixed feelings about funding the arts in Canada — or more precisely the kind of arts that are funded from the public purse. It is being labeled as censorship — a terrible word to be sure. But is it really so terrible to have some sort of control of what messages through the arts are being funded?

I for one am tired of all the ugliness on the six pm news — so I choose to not be entertained by even more of it in the theater or TV. And being an old fuddy duddy find nothing of interest in films about hostels run by serial killers and the like. There is enough of this in the news, we don’t need ideas for more.

There used to be things called standards of good taste — which seem to have gotten lost. I for one would applaud any measures that would lead us back to a better place. And how my tax dollars get spent is certainly one way. I expect my government to apply some standards to the entertainment messages they fund. I am sorry that they are unhappy about being asked to do this. But they did ask for the job.

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