That Great Bell Experience BCE deal will proceed as planned, adviser says

My experience with Bell repair service today makes me hope that somebody buys these guys and transforms them back into a company that cares for their customers, not just their bill payments.

Our area had an extended power outage today. It used to be that when the power was out the one thing you could rely on was getting dialtone from the always dependable phone line. Well, no longer — I checked the phones and they were dead. So being difficult I called our number using my cellphone — it was busy. Disconnect the one electronic phone and check with conventional direct connect equipment — nothing. It used to be that when one called 611 the first thing they would do is do a check from their end to see if the circuit was ok. Not any more — now 611 wants me to dismantle the outside grey service entrance box and check to see if dialtone exists there, then proceed to check each jack inside. Is their system working? Thats no longer their concern — it has to be your problem.

Anyhow, 10 minutes after street power came back so did dialtone. Guess it wasn’y my problem after all — I was on standby generator that kicked in 30 seconds after the power went out. And all critical electronics are on UPS so we were never inconvenienced. But apparently Bell is no longer so protective of their service. So when I see stuff about the decline of landlines as people switch to network-based services and wireless I think why not. It was an easy argument when it was a reliable service. But now that it is demonstrably not, why should I care? Hopefully the sale of BCE will go through and someone will make them act like a business again.

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