Email Complaints

One of my favorite pet peeves about the misuse of the web is commercial email contacts. One goes to a website showing new or used cars, appliances and so forth and is presented with an email contact. Great! They are busy, I am busy, what a wonderful thing to have an email interface so we can asynchronously communicate. SO I use it. And wait. And wait. And wait… Finally, being totally exasperated, I call them and ask them if they received my email. Oh no, we never look at emails… our webmaster set that up and we check it once a month or so… aaarrrgghh. If one is going to post an email contact it does not seem unreasonable to expect two things:
1. That they look at the email on a regular basis (Is daily too much to ask?)
2. That they at least acknowledge that they got my email and someone will be getting back to me within some documented time limit? (Yes, it will probably be an autoresponder, but so what? At least I know it was received.)

Somehow I do not think it unreasonable that if a business (and I mean BUSINESS) is going to publish an email contact that they be prepared to follow these two rules. If not, dont bother confusing people by publishing an address you have no intention of using!

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